Part 2 AI HW

In this part 2 a real CC (companion computer, PI4/Nano) is used (all other components and the world are still simulated).


The goals for the tests in this section include

  1. Fly sim copter (with sim FC)

  2. Stand in front of the (real) camera

  3. The (real) CC recognizes that I am human OR recognizes a guesture

  4. In response the (real) CC sends a MAVlink flight command to the sim FC (in this example to land the copter)

HW/AI combinations used

  • Ubuntu. Haarcascades and mediapipe gestures running on the Ubuntu . I started using Ubuntu as the first test platform (instead of PI4/Nano) to avoid issues (such as camera drivers; PI4/Nano used their custom version of 18.04 Ubuntu).

  • PI4. Haarcascades, TF-lite, and mediapipe face meshes.

  • Nvidia. OpenCV, haarcascades.

  • STM. Covers AI implmentations on STM hardware.

General AI research

This part also includes the many hands-on demos I did when I first started out studying AI.